You are currently viewing QA Automation for Major Restaurant Brand in the US

QA Automation for Major Restaurant Brand in the US

We are working with a major Retail client in the US to automate their QA testing.

We are using Eggplant software to successfully automate several of their modules and thousands of manual test scripts, building the automation framework to automate their POS modules and integrate with Omnichannel. We set up their automation lab from scratch providing them with full software quality life cycle development, including test case automation development, support, and operations.

As an outcome of our work, the client achieved the following results:

  • Faster Feedback Cycle.
  • Time Savings.
  • Reduced Business Expenses.
  • Higher Test Coverage.
  • Reusability of Test Suite.
  • Quickly Determine the Stability of Build.

What did Boston Data Pro Do?

Overview: We added the Eggplant Automation tool from the inception. Client had bought the Eggplant Functional Licenses but needed help to automate their Point of Sales modules and integrated systems. We build the Eggplant framework, system under test, broke down the work into modules, and built the automated test scripts.

The following modules were automated using the Eggplant tools

  1. POS transactions and reporting to Back of  House/accounting systems
    • Role/permission-based testingSplit payments with different media
    • Coupons
    • Discounts
    • Delivery payment methods (GrubHub, UberEats, Doordash)
    • Returns for all payment types
    • Cash drawer management
    • Credit card simulation program
    • Transaction data backups
    • Reset scripts executed between every test to ensure seamless execution
  2. Gift card integration
    • Activation
    • Balance inquiry and reload
    • Cash out
    • Refunds
  3. POS management systems
    • Kitchen display routing
    • Employee time/status records
    • Backend price changes
    • Routine system clean-up and preparation scripts.

We added the following technical capabilities besides converting the manual scripts to automation and moved the infrastructure to cloud!

  1. Eggplant DAI
    • Moved to AWS setup in 2020
    • Routinely scheduled execution of directed test cases and AI model tests
    • VNC test execution against multi-system SUTs
    • Optional video recording for test executions (VLC playback)
    • Tests built as non-deterministic AI models
  2. Eggplant Studio (a.k.a. Eggplant Functional)
    • Eggplant Studio (a.k.a. Eggplant Functional)
    • Moved to AWS setup in 2020
    • Script and handler development using VNC and Selenium Webdriver
  3. Eggplant Manager (deprecated)
    • Used for scheduling until replaced by DAI in 2020

The Successes: The results are saving them tremendous amounts of time when a new software is released and quality assurance team doesn’t have to test all the regression test cases manually. Instead, automated test runs are executed and system under test produce results in a very short span.