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Patient de-identification solution in AWS

Use Case at a major Healthcare Client in the USA


Boston Data Pro is dedicated to advancing the healthcare system through data analytics while protecting patients’ privacy. Private patient information would only be protected by removing it altogether. Boston Data Pro at its client reinforces this approach.

By following this old strategy, there remained no way to combine a patient’s healthcare data in one file (e.g., his or her hospital stay) with data in another file (e.g., his or her pharmacy prescriptions after being discharged).

Boston Data Pro strategizes in designing cutting-edge, patent-pending, de-identification technology that replaces private patient information with an encrypted “token” that can’t be reverse-engineered to reveal the original information.

Furthermore, our technology can create these same patient-specific tokens in any data set, which means that now two different data sets can be merged using the patient tokens to match corresponding records without disclosing the underlying patient information.

Let’s consider the Use Case at one of our clients to briefly understand the workflow.

Data Flow in AWS

  • Lambda throttles are never dropped & will be reprocessed in the same order as received.
  • Shared library.
  • Incorporates most of the function definitions that are required for CMD data processing.
  • Developers can easily incorporate calling of functions in their codes.
  • Controlled parallelism:
  • Customized Error Handling:
  • Automated S3 File Archival